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Allan Kardec Fellowship Society of San Diego was born at Ivone Moura’s home where a small group of participants gathered to study the doctrine and pray in 1992. In addition, group used to drive to Anaheim every Sunday to attend the public meetings at the Spiritist Center Joanna De Angelis, which was the closest organization to San Diego at that time.  The original group expanded and the meetings started to take place at Márcio Zouvi´s warehouse in Point Loma around 2000. In 2004 our organization moved to its first official facility at 3610 Hancock Street, San Diego.  Soon after, AKFS became an legal non-profit organization, implemented its By-Laws and Statute, providing the educational sessions, running charity programs, all from that facility for 10 years.  In 2014 AKFS expanded to our current facility at 2645 Ariane Drive, where we have a much bigger structure to execute our activities. 

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